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To thrive in today’s business landscape, businesses need to focus on the right innovations and get them to market quickly. That puts intelligent use of IP data at the center of successful business strategies.

hg体育 IP data, with market-leading quality, breadth and depth, is a valuable asset to legal professionals, innovators and data scientists alike. Our flexible delivery models combine data sources across IP domains – trademarks, patents, domain names, copyrights, legal decisions, competitive intelligence and even your own proprietary information – for deeper insights.

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  • Base decisions on a solid foundation of high-quality IP data that is systematically ingested, normalized, formatted, verified and curated by our expert teams for superior discoverability.
  • Make valuable, new connections across disparate data sets, revealing new insights that drive better decisions.
  • Tailor research and analytics to the needs of the moment, delivering the precise intelligence that’s required, right when it’s needed.

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